Noticing Circles 

The circle is a motif I’ve been drawn to longer than I can really even recount.  Actually I vaugly remember a three dimensional, colorful needlepoint sphere I made in art class during high school!  (And I certainly will not confess how many decades ago that was!)


Honoring the Changing Season

The unusually warm November weather appears to be ending and so I decided to put my summer clothesline to other uses this winter.  Perhaps looking out the window at a spot of color will help elevate my mood some as white and gray subdue the landscape. 

Lunchtime Walking

Knowing this balmy weather so late in November is such a rare treat,  I just had to squeeze in a brief lunchtime walk.

I came across a wild yarrow plant that is very confused by this extended warm spell.   Seeing all the new flowering  stems and blooms developing I feel very surprised.    And also sad, knowing the hard freeze that will shortly curtail this foolhardy activity.